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Relief and Response Programs

Assessment of post-war infrastructure damage.

Design cost-effective humanitarian relief and development.

Assessment of Infrastructure Damage

EMCC has provided assessment and evaluation services in respect to infrastructure facilities for a large number of organizations. EMCC has uniquely been adopting this approach for 10 years. This approach has covered a wide range of infrastructure facilities

Planning and Development of Humanitarian Relief, Emergency Response, and Assistance Programs

International and local organizations need assistance in planning and developing of their relief-and-support-oriented programs. Based upon long experience in assessing local community needs, EMCC is offering these distinguished services. EMCC has experience and proficiency to design and implement emergency response programs in times of emergencies, disasters and wars in which the consequential impacts of these circumstances could be alleviated. EMCC maintains an updated database of field-ready staff members to meet urgent needs. Staff members are capable of developing effective proposals to address emergency circumstances.

Relief Intervention Evaluation and Impact Analysis

Emergency response programs and relief programs need continuous evaluation and impact analysis in order to allocate resources optimally and to elicit and document lessons learned and best practices. EMCC has done several evaluation studies in this regard