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Architecture and Engineering

EMCC has planned and designed many key buildings and infrastructure facilities in Gaza Strip, Palestine. The experience amassed by EMCC and the demand-driven project management style have both contributed to EMCC’s success in this field. In addition to the qualifications of its Palestine-based staff, EMCC has international relationships to support its workforce. EMCC has gained the confidence of numerous local and international institutions in the design of buildings and public facilities. EMCC work teams are well-equipped to provide market-oriented and high-quality field supervision and construction project management to the attested satisfaction of numerous local and international clients

Design of Buildings and Steel Structures

EMCC has designed many public, governmental and residential buildings in Gaza Strip, Palestine. EMCC is identified with key landmark buildings and facilities in Gaza Strip

Architectural design and planning

EMCC has become identified with some of the most prominent buildings in Gaza Strip, Palestine. In doing so, EMCC deploys attractive architectural styles.

Design of Water and Wastewater Facilities

The design of infrastructure facilities comprises a main branch of EMCC scope of activities. EMCC achievements in this field reflect the deep and professional experience of EMCC in planning and designing of infrastructure projects

Design of Roads and Bridges

EMCC staff has the capacity for planning and designing of road networks and road facilities. EMCC has designed a number of major roads and road networks in different locations in Gaza Strip. EMCC has recently completed the design of a number of bridges in the Northern Governorate in Gaza Strip, given that the design of bridges is novel in Gaza Strip.

Traffic management

EMCC has a wealth of experience in traffic management and potent traffic management solutions. EMCC has successfully concluded key traffic management assignments for key institutions working in Gaza Strip, Palestine.

Construction Claim Management

EMCC is a pioneer in this field. EMCC has held claim management training programs for contractors and project managers from different institutions. EMCC manages claims in accordance to law and contractual obligations and in a manner that safeguards the rights and interests of all parties involved

Site Supervision, Quality Control and Construction Project Management

EMCC project managers are responsible for technical, managerial and financial follow up of the projects to ensure smooth implementation according to contracts and considering time limitations, available human and financial resources, technical requirements, and safety compliance. In meeting owner requirements, EMCC field teams follow up on construction projects through a pool of specialized experts, project managers, site engineers, and other staff of numerous specializations

Environmental Assessments and Audits

EMCC has successfully concluded numerous environmental audits and assessments. EMCC is renowned in Gaza Strip, Palestine for its capability to conduct environmental audits and assessments. Having been the first local firm to conduct and excel in environmental studies, EMCC is now considered as reference on environmental impact assessments in Palestine.