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Reconstruction Of Al- Rasheed Road In Gaza Strip ( Package 1)

  • Duration : 2014
  • Client : State of Qatar
  • Category : Management and Organization Development
  • Status : Closed


  • Project Description

    Al-Rasheed Street project is consider to be one of the most important strategic projects in Gaza, since Al-Rasheed street is the only costal road which extends  from north to south of Gaza strip . This project is one of the projects financed by Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamed Bin Khalifah.

    During this project two stages will be constructed – first and third stage- the first stage starts from  street No. 10 to Wadi Gaza with total length  4,760 m  . and the third  stage starts from Beirut Street  to Ahmed bin Abdul-Aziz  street with total length 1800 m the works include Infrastructure works (Water works ,Sewer works , roads works, Electrical works, Communication works,  Traffic works, road painting , safety works, agriculture works.

    Tasks  of Consultant

    • Review project designs.
    • Supervising the work carried out .
    • Review the shop drawings.
    • Review all reports (Daily, weekly and monthly).
    • Coordination between the relevant authorities.
    • Review all payments.

    Beneficiaries: MPWH