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Monitoring and controlling of Islamic Development Bank Projects implemented by NGOs.

  • Duration : 2009 – present
  • Client : Islamic Development Bank – Jeddah
  • Category : Management and Organization Development -Capacity Building and Training
  • Status : On Going


  • This projects include the following sectors:

    Health sector, implemented by UNRWA, Islamic Relief, WHO, QRC, Human Appeal International, and Imar-Gaza:

    • Supply MOH Hospitals with devices, instruments, and medical equipments as well as mobile clinics.
    • Damages rehabilitation for MOH hospitals and primary care centers.
    • Establishment of Neurosurgery Department – European Hospital – Gaza Strip.
    • Providing interventional catheterization tools and devices for department of Cardiac Catheterization - European Hospital – Gaza Strip.
    • Rehabilitation of Al-Quds Hospital.
    • Construction of Deir Al-Balah Hospital.
    • Al-Aqsa physicians crews for mental support and training.
    • Completion of construction and finishing the Specialist surgery building in Al-Shifa Hospital.

    Water and wastewater sector, implemented by CMWU, and QRC:

    • Construction of several tanks in Gaza strip ( Deir Al-Balah, Bani Suhaila , and Al- Mograga)
    • Maintenance of Water Wells and partial parts of wastewater networks in Gaza strip, this project includes:
    • Rehabilitation and construction of wastewater networks in Rafah, Middle Area and North Area.
    • Drilling and Construction of Al Marwa and Khadeja Wells.
    • Drilling and Construction of Al Omary wells and maintenance of Ghaben and Al Atatra Wells.
    • Operation of Al Thohairat well.
    • vement of Water and Wastewater Services in Gaza Strip, this project includes:
    • Construction of Pumping Station and carrier line in Rafah Area.
    • Construction of Electricity networks to operate wells in Rafah and Khanyounis.
    • Construction of wastewater network in Khanyounis

    Electricity sector, implemented by UNDP:

    • Supply and installation of voltage transformers to improve the performance of Gaza electricity power station.
    • Rehabilitation of electricity distribution lines in damaged area and perform installation works as well as civil works to connect various areas in Gaza city.

    Supply and installation an electricity network and voltage transformers in Gaza and North Gaza.

    Agriculture sector, implemented by UNDP, TRC, Islamic Relief, Al-Rahma and welfare:

    • Re-cultivation of 3,000,000 m2 with vegetables for upcoming cultivation seasons, and rehabilitation of 4,000 m2 of vegetables greenhouses as well as rehabilitation of 500 greenhouses.
    • Rehabilitation of 118 fish boats and supply the local fishermen with fishing tools, and perform training programs for 40 fisherman including boats carpentry and mechanical works.
    • Supply 128 farmers with production inputs including chickens, feed, medicines and Veterinary Services.
    • Rehabilitation of 39 partially damaged agriculture wells damaged during Gaza war, to serve more than 1,600,000 m2 of agricultural area.

    Education sector, implemented by UNESCO, UNRWA, Islamic Relief, Qatar Charity and Human Appeal International, BECDARE:

    • Rehabilitation of schools and rubble removal as well as providing education facilities with required instruments and devices.
    • Rehabilitation of damaged universities and faculties facilities.
    • Reconstruction of the laboratories building in IUG.
    • Support universities laboratories with instruments and devices.
    • Providing food supplements to schools students and orphanages.
    • Construction of several schools in Gaza strip.

    Housing and Public works sector, implemented by UNRWA, Al-Rahma, Palestinian Housing Council, Qatar Charity & Human Appeal International:

    • Rehabilitation of 1626 house for the partially damaged houses and re-construction of 1750 house for fully damaged houses in the Gaza war.
    • Rehabilitation of Al-Andalus residential tower.
    • Removal of hazardous rubbles, and reopening rubble blocked roads resulted from war on Gaza.
    • Construction of Wadi Gaza Bridge – Western side.
    • Rehabilitation of Several roads in Gaza Strip.
    • Supply Gaza strip Municipalities with devices, instruments, and solid waste equipments.
    • Construction of solid waste transfer stations in Gaza and Khanyounes.

    Funded by:  Al-Aqsa Fund and GCC program

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